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Scooter Girl

by Random Acts 935 views


Cool take on the genre. Damn being born into a car racing family aye?

An Ed Sheeran loving girl falls in love with the neighbours' scooter, much to her mother's annoyance (and fair enough to, having just bought her a really nice car). The flowing hair shots on the scooter were nice, but obsessing over an inanimate object meant that this lacked dramatic impact, especially as we were not given clear reason for the preference when the girl appeared to have it good otherwise.

I thought the idea of the object of affection in an obsessional relationship being an inanimate thing was pretty good. There's lots of scope there. I just thought that that needed to be more the focus of the film; there were scenes that didn't have much to do with the obsessional relationship. I really liked the scene where the lead sat on the scooter, imagining riding with the wind in her hair and sun on her face. You could really see that, even though we didn't actually see it. That's what the film needed more of: fun or interesting scenes about the core obsessional relationship. Well done to the young cast members.

It could have been lot more watchable if something had been held back until closer to the end, in my view. We find out pretty early that she's obsessed with the scooter. If the owner had been an Ed Sheeran look-alike (or just a good looking guy) and the audience was led to believe the obsession was with him, only to get near the end and the "Ahhh ..." moment as we realise it's the scooter that she is interested in, well, it could have had a different outcome rather than just sort of petering out. Thought the bedroom scene was a bit awkward and not needed. Good acting from the lead, good film work, just needed a stronger story and progression path.

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