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Somebody Someone lenny13

16 Reviews


Shippopotamus Wrecks

Witty, fantastically made... yeah. Nice job!

Spoken Word

Loved the tent library transition. Awesome lighting. Made me chuckle.

Keta-Mean Girls

Nice use of pie. Appreciated sweater-vest's valiant efforts to recover his briefcase. End was a little weak.


Really enjoyed this. Nice dialogue, simple story, well developed plot. Not just another 'insomniac is my genre' film.

Scooter Girl

Cool take on the genre. Damn being born into a car racing family aye?

House of 1000 Horses

Clear winner (if it didn't get disqualified). Really...showed everything. Piss horse? Amazing.

Fist Cop

Pretty damn amazing. That is all.

Made Maid

I really enjoyed this film. Great actresses, non-predictable plot, great sound/cinematography. One of my favourites of all the films I've seen so far.


Beautifully shot, cute concept, an enjoyable watch.