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An interesting scenario and easy-to-follow plot. Ticked the boxes, but didn’t really make me feel much.

Whilst the title of the film gave hints, I was actually a bit surprised by where this ended up going. An eery vibe builds from the beginning when a deadpan new flatmate moves in who is a bit too similar to the existing girl. One thing I would recommend is trying to get a bit more visual variety in future

Default Avatar RiverFelix

I've watched the film a couple of times and while there is nothing wrong with the story the film seems to be slightly un-inspired, the music is effective in places but perhaps a little overused and becomes a bit of a crutch for the dead pan acting which only really works for the character who turns out to be an Android. For the most part the shooting works but there is one or two shots which could have been more creatively shot, the scene in the kitchen with Tim and the flatmate for example.

Watched online. Pretty good short video and the story was easy to follow, but not too obvious. The characters seemed to be missing a bit of personality, which as another reviewer mentioned, worked for the android character but made Victoria and her boyfriend seem fairly bland, and their acting felt a bit stilted as a result. Giving them some more natural dialogue and some personality quirks would have given some good contrast to the android's attempts to appear human. On an unrelated note, Vic's hair looked amazing at the start...great colour! The character could have done with a sassy, redhead personality to match it!

I feel much along the same lines as the previous reviews. The story was all there, it just didn't 'pop' for me. The acting seemed a bit flat from all three of them until the end, when the android/cyborg actually started acting like an android/cyborg. The little sound effects there were great, as was the overlaid voices in the last shot. I think ultimately it just came down to the characters not feeling natural/believable.

This film was quite creepy! :D Stepford-Wives sort of style which I enjoyed. I really liked the way the android became more android-like as the film went on. I am not sure if it was on purpose or not, but the acting by the Vic character was also very android-like throughout the film. It would have been nice to have a bit of contrast between when she was human and when she turned android. The overall feeling of the film was quite flat and creepy which suited the story line. It would have been good to have a few scenes that contrasted the flatness to keep interest up - maybe even a change in lighting or music would have achieved this. All in all an interesting story and concept but I feel that a few aspects of the execution let this film down. Having said this, I enjoyed watching it! :D

Really enjoyed this. Nice dialogue, simple story, well developed plot. Not just another 'insomniac is my genre' film.

Everyone else has already said it all. The acting needed to be a bit more relaxed at times. A couple of small hints early on that the android was causing the health issues might have been useful, unless they were already there and I just missed them. And I am left wondering what led the android to wanting to assume Vic's life? For the boyfriend? Hmmm.

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