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by Eat Slugs Malfoy 134 views


[DQ] New parents have to suffer the horror of a baby that will not stop crying. This really does not help with Vic’s insomnia and so he reaches out for help from friends but gets a reality check. The baby’s screams sounded very real which was quite unpleasant, but for only a few seconds did this approach being a horror film.

Default Avatar Alicezaleya

Made me very uneasy, in a good way I was worried, hard to follow with the persistant realistic screams sometimes.

Default Avatar Anne.Sellors

Suddenly during a festival of sillys came this cold scary film braving the dark NZ secret of child abuse. It had a great use of sound effects to show this young couple struggling to sleep while their new baby is screaming. And not all is what it seems... Dad figures out that something bad has happened to his son. But he does nothing to stop it from happening again. So was there no protagonist? Creepy.

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