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The Empath

by Elysium Exit 3,043 views


Wow beautifully shot art house looking piece, not really sure what was going on though?

Default Avatar digitalindigenous

Wicked camera work and cool film all together. Difficult to understand, but very interesting.

Default Avatar ishy

Such a professional looking film; smooth camera work, editing and accurate sound. The Empath was beautifully artistic and stood out from others in terms of individuality. I really enjoyed the symbolism that was presented in this film and loved the fact that everybody could take their very own interpretation from it. Overall, it was a nice example of well crafted experimentalism.

Default Avatar Dolan

Very engaging, interesting and well thought out. Initially I didn't understand the meaning, but through further thought grew to realise the meaning behind the film.

Default Avatar Stefan Dimitrof

Great film, aesthetically amazing for 48 hours of work.

An absolutely visually stunning film. Beautifully shot and executed, with no dialogue that I can recall. Very difficult to understand though, not quite sure what was going on or where the converging storylines were.

I expect no less from the imaginative minds that are Jordan, Jake, Daniel, Jade and the rest of their group. Good luck at the finals.

To me this film was completely style over substance. It started out fantastic and wonderful camera work. The converging storyline was lost on me. But nice work with the camera.

Default Avatar Mitchel Viernes

I'm with JC on this one, I loved the visuals in the film and the audio went along with it very very well, everything looked very professional, but unfortunately the story went completely over my head (even though I really did want to understand it, can anyone enlighten me?) I love bokeh in film whether it means something or not so that automatically made me love it! all in all, just a visually stunning film, that did make me feel different emotions but from lack of a solid story structure did not know where to put them. Also not sure where the converging storyline in the film takes place.

Default Avatar Stefan Dimitrof

Great film, aesthetically amazing for 48 hours of work.

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