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Somebody Someone Marce

10 Reviews


The Empath

Wow beautifully shot art house looking piece, not really sure what was going on though?


One of my favourites of the night. flavours of lockstock and two smoking barrels and oceans eleven how could these guys go wrong. Laughter galore in fact my friends and I found ourselves quoting lines from this piece.


Like the storyline, interesting action scenes felt like the dialogue at the end was to forced. Really thought the young girl was going to die phew lucky the thug had a heart.


Shame this didn't make it on time. Loved it from the creepy guys to the hot cyborg crazed robot. Great acting, sound effects and awesome camera work.

Me, Myself & I

Cum shot always a classic, great storyline got a bit confusing in areas but overall great effort.

20 Days of Songnia

My favourite of the night. Loved everything it had to offer from the storyline to the dance scene to the death metal and the dying bird!!! Dear I say it? AMAZE BALLS ( let me just say this is saying alot because our film was in the same heat!!)

School's Out

Great acting from Vic character, Awesome location. Flashbacks great idea for storyline.

Reunion with Reality

The animation was awesome trippy as hell but I had no idea what was going on and how it related to reunion.

Stuck in Stockholm

This film made me feel really uncomfortable, delightfully dark in a sick way.