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Stuck in Stockholm

by AmAuteur Films 208 views


Much of this film was very dark, which did go with the subject matter very well, but in some cases was a little too dark to see whats going on. Also quite topical I think.

This film made me feel really uncomfortable, delightfully dark in a sick way.

Default Avatar digitalindigenous

was cool, good on you guys for pushing boundary's. I did enjoy it, sound did let you guys down a little though.

A serious movie, I can see why it was moved to the end of the heat for adult themes. An interesting take on the obsessive relationship genre, well done with a few technical issues, particularly around the sound. But still a well done film.

Default Avatar bonkers

i thought you guys did a cool job. you pushed boundaries and made a pretty twisted movie, including two types of messed up obsessive relationships. very cool!

Default Avatar cr4zyc4tz

I thought this was a dark film but in a good way! the choice to use no dialogue just added to the creepiness of the situation, and you did a great job of using music and sound instead, including the way you used silence during the girls freakout. well done!

Very daring taking on such a serious subject matter. And pulling off some very dark scenes to boot. Storyline could have benefited from some more development.

Default Avatar Mitchel Viernes

Although at times the footage was a little too dark, I was able to understand completely everything that was going on. The film made me feel VERY uncomfortable and a bit claustrophobic, which I mean as a complete compliment as I'm assuming that's what you were going for when dealing with this sort of subject material. I think the set design was one of the best aspects of this, the "dungeon" (for lack of a better word) where the girl was being kept looked very convincing.

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