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The Hanged Man

by Star Kiwi Studios 39 views


Default Avatar luvmovies

Scarey to the core!! The end twist, although the audience laughed, it was extremely scarey!! Loved it! Fav film of the night!

Default Avatar RiverFelix

A pretty solid film, great gags and a lot of laughs but I'm not sure if it was able to pull off the horror moments which just became really good punchlines.

like (very much of) the ending (scary) bit of the film. personally prefer horror moments come earlier (as a short film). personally prefer less day light in a horror film. two horror films in the same heat caused direct comparison but nice work :)

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Loved the Taro ladies and how they use that in the film and the two ladies acting was great with the big eyes. Didn't feel too scared by it but not a bad film.

Default Avatar Willdabeast

Funny and charming, no scares thought and that's the key to horror. Solid lead character though.

This was an "ok" film with somewhat of a blurry story. The production was consistent and the acting was "ok" but overall I didn't really get it.

This was really good. Nice production, lighting and I really liked the music. Perhaps could have been a bit more scary, but otherwise I liked it.

Default Avatar Janse Ryan

So nicely done. Main actor was awesome and the girls were so cool. had a good laugh especially with the ending.

Never scared me once, although had me curious as to what was happening. Really enjoyed the twist at the end which felt like a decent enough payoff for the rest of the film.

Default Avatar Master Blaster

I know many viewers may not have understood it, but I certainly did and I loved it. Great work!

Default Avatar BRead2607

Don't get me wrong, this was a great film. The film probably got more laughs than any other on the night.... and for me that is where it fails. As a 'horror' genre participant it attempted to embrace the genre but failed to pull of the seriousness needed to instill the sence of dread that is expected. Well done on the entry I enjoyed watching.

Default Avatar hotdogsandwich

A bit of a slow burn this one, could've been a bit more pacey or maybe just needed tighter coverage. Would've like to have seen big close ups throughout, might have helped sell the story a bit more and with less carthartic-sounding music. Not bad though, enjoyable enough to watch.

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