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Not Everyone's Fantasy

by That's What Shihad Said 615 views


After a rapid-fire Shallow Grave-esque opening as prospective flatmates are introduced, the story gets down to it with three young people becoming increasingly suspicious of their new flatmate. Some hilaro jokes and a terrific escalating reveal at the end (the surface-licking was brilliant!) made this one really stand out. Packs a lot into its running time, but never feels rushed. Great fun!

Catty flatmates are convinced that there is something up with their flatmate, and they have reasonably good reason to think so given that they found a toilet covered in pink glitter and when they try and enter his room it seems like they are crossing a magical forcefield. This leads to the setup of some hidden cameras to try and catch what he is up to, only what they find is perhaps a bit different to what they may have expected to. The film took the piss for the most part, and really got into some funny weird territory when we got to see the camera footage. The 'wizard' and horse head/mask wanking for example brought the LOLs. In fact several memorable visual moments...being soaked in milk being another...probably a better found footage film than most who got that genre this year.

Default Avatar Peter North

Loved the magic. Very funny. Great filming and editing.

Funny moments and some strong performances were really undermined by a tangible absence of real structure or pace. Everything just went on a bit too long.

Just back from the City Finals and this was a perfect film to end the night! Loved the whole idea of the film. "I'm Batman" - the flatmate hunting scene was fantastic and the laughs didn't stop there! The actors did a really great job (especially the scenes where they are reacting to the weird stuff happening around them) and the Harry Potter Poster was a nice comedic touch. So glad this film won best use of prop because that scene is GOLD! Fantastic job on the scene with the magic in the kitchen and huge laughs from the milk 'surprise'! Adam - Colonial Tech

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