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by Awkward Spark 202 views


Default Avatar Tepene Marsden

A detective is tasked to locate a stalker, and finds out he needs the help. Nice job at one shot guys. Seamless transitions from car to walking shots, which was very cool. Nice and simple. Solid effort.

Loved the idea of going forward and backward through time to explain the story. Enjoyed the random guy throwing up halfway through the sped up bits. Nice twist at the end as well.

I was quite impressed with this film, from a technical and aesthetic viewpoint. You managed to create an engrossing narrative arc regarding the main character and his fatal flaw/s. There was a point where the edit could have been shortened, but in saying that, this could have only been achieved either through increasing the speed of the footage, or in blocking the scene during the filming process. The detective's acting was resolute, and the voiceover narration was very noir-esque. Definitely upload this to your respective showreels in due time.

Default Avatar Blackflash72

Very well compiled, unclear at finish

Very well filmed - I enjoyed your take on the One Shot with some slow scenes and the speeded-up segues. I'd be keen to hear if you managed to shoot in one hit or cleverly edited takes together (which I think is legit by the way - just because the genre is one-shot, doesn't mean you have to have actually achieved it in one physical take). I did find the end confusing, but otherwise a very good short-film. Nice one.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A detective reflects on the events that caused a woman he was supposed to be protecting (and had fallen in love with) to be killed. This had a good voice over, good control of the camera, nice use of fast forwards & rewinds and some very convincing acting from the lead. The transistions between scenes were very well managed(or disguised!) and in general this was an accomplished piece. For me, the sleep scene in the car got tediuous and in fact I wonder if the film was actually a bit too long. There was a good twist in the tail of the film and some nicely constructed end-credits. Good job!

Default Avatar atree

Found the story a little confusing to follow and some parts did go on a little long. Great work on the technical side though - found the time warping very well executed. And the ending was perfect!

Huge respect for the cinematography. Can't say I found the story that compelling, but I was paying so much attention to the technical side that I may have missed that side of it. Particularly enjoyed the opening segment and when the camera circled the leading character visiting Nicky.

Quite liked the use of rewind to get around the one short. I also liked the voice over and end credits. The story was a bit weak however.

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