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Somebody Someone amo

24 Reviews


The Burden of our Memories

Mostly well filmed. At times thought the music didn't seem to fit. Unfortunately the genre was left of the form and for most of the film I couldn't figure out what it was (I'm guessing crime?). Not a very creative story, well, I got a bit lost. Good use of sound though.

Marked for Death

Not particularly original and I couldn't really follow the story. There were a few sound issues. However there were some good effects and some good laughs.


My pick for best film of the heat. Good opening title and great camera work. Clever choice of waiting room as one room. Good choice of music (presumably not original). Very well received by audience, probably due to simpleness of plot which was intriguing til the end. Very good freeze frame.

Fresh Start

Liiked team intro. This was a hard genre but there was not much story here at all. There were some good performances though and nice shots.


Quite liked the use of rewind to get around the one short. I also liked the voice over and end credits. The story was a bit weak however.

Wire We Here?

Liked team intro a lot and really liked opening. Good choice of music. Well filmed and edited and really crisp picture, very professional looking. Not much of a story line, but not really the style. Big improvement from last year. Bit rude of you however to leave the cinema en masse. Sure it was a school night but it wasn't that late....

Full-Time Hero

Nice tam intro. This film was a bit hard to follow at times and the story didn't develop that far but it had a good use of effects.

Aesculus Paryiflora

This film captured me from the start. There were some interesting filming angles but the sound was bit off in place and I was sure if some of the picture fuzziness was effects or not. Love mitten gloves :)

Leaving so soon

I liked the interesting take on fantasy adventure in this film. The use off effects, music and comedic performances were good, as was the use of the line. Not such a fan of the ending though ;-)

The Collectors

Need to update team logo ;-) The story was not quite explained properly- not sure how the switch worked. There were some sound issues. Generally performances enough to keep me entertained.