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The Burden of our Memories

by The Filthy Ninjas 145 views


Default Avatar b0wlb0y

Playing to the strengths of the team. Good development. (looked very profesh having a police car!!)

Mostly well filmed. At times thought the music didn't seem to fit. Unfortunately the genre was left of the form and for most of the film I couldn't figure out what it was (I'm guessing crime?). Not a very creative story, well, I got a bit lost. Good use of sound though.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Starts with a dramatic hanging before we meet the lead, James turning up late to PE and being lectured by his teacher/step-dad. At home mum also gives him a serve before the step-dad makes an attempt at reconcilliation. However, James is not interested as he seeks revenge for what the step-dad did in the past to James' real father. Some nice use of flashback scenes and the characters were well cast. Quite a few jump cuts that didn' really fit and the music played a bit loud on occasions. The story is solid enough but gets a little confusing as the film draws to a close. I pretty good effort from what I assume was a school team?

Default Avatar EagleEye

This was fun and entertaining and I enjoyed it. Got my 2 points.

Default Avatar Maverick

I thought the acting was strong here, especially in the upstairs reconciliation scene. The fighting looked aggressive too and quite believable.

The action opens with a hanging before we meet Bobby Young, a P.E teacher (I expect P.E teacher to be a put-upon profession nationwide this year) and stepdad, whose stepson James is always running late to gym class, and misbehaving at home, too. Bobby has a manly heart-to-heart with him over some XBox and seems to have sorted the problem out, but NO! James turns out up at the gym with some wire and a murderous look in his eye. In a surprise move we learn that Bobby used to bully James' biological Dad at school so badly that it led to his eventual suicide, then Bobby married his Mum, and having discovered his Dad's suicide note, James wants revenge. (In the margin of my notes here, I scribbled "Macbeth!", but what I meant was Hamlet, damnit.) James and Bobby have a life or death struggle on a high-jump crash pad, and Bobby succeeds in choking out James with the wire. James is then led away by the police while Bobby and James' Mum look sadly on. This was pretty good stuff all round, some quite good performances, and I liked the (surprisingly, for 48HRS) realistic sort of ending that didn't resort to dead bodies scattered all over the place (not like Hamlet there, then). James jumped from troubled teen to would-be murderer pretty suddenly, but hell, we've only got 7 minutes here. Solid effort overall.

Default Avatar videoamp1969

It was ok. Some of the filming was quite good but the noise levels were not great. The music was too loud in places.

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