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Fresh Start

by Cheese bricks 348 views


Reminiscent of Brechtian filmmaking, in terms of composition and mood. I liked the part where the slo-mo kicks in synched to the 'inspiring' voiceover narration. Could have made the narrative itself a little more meaty, but good work nonetheless!

Default Avatar Blackflash72

Beautiful, cuddly, heartwarming. Deserved more. Inspirational.

A simple idea, and lots of smiles in the audience at the end proves everyone loves a rumble in the leaves!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

We start in what is a boring, tediuous work place and we stay there establishing this fact for a very long time! Nicky is fired by his boss which inspires him to break free and in doing so he inspires others. This had a wild, wild team intro which rocked!! Loved it! As for the rest, as mentioned above, the initial set-up was dwelled upon for too long. There were some nice shots of leaves on the ground and the "inspiration scene" was well cut with effective use of the slow-motion. Nice to see everyone enjoying life and just having fun - the message wasn't lost on the audience! I would have liked a little more story though. Tough genre, so well down with achieving what you did. Loved that intro!!

Default Avatar atree

Awesome intro! As for the film - the message was clear but a little "cliché". Story could have benefited from more development. Nice ending too - but once again probably would've come across better with a stronger story.

It was pretty well shot, but to me it just needed more going on. Funny use of past characters but the general sentiment and close up shots of the stereotypical office stationary etc just reminded me of ...The Office but with next to no character development that's needed for it to be compelling. There's definite talent in this team, but I just thought you went for a too easy route this year.

Liiked team intro. This was a hard genre but there was not much story here at all. There were some good performances though and nice shots.

Default Avatar so_bekki

Cute film, guys. Strong start. Acting pretty stiff but that kind of added to the dorkiness of the idea, the script and the setting. In my opinion, the leaf fight went on for too long and it would have been nice to see some more conflict and then an interesting turn of events at the end. A little too safe.

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