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The Collectors

by Christchurch On Air 360 views


Default Avatar Tepene Marsden

A man is broke and needs to sell his leaf collection. His case gets mixed up with some other "collectors". Predictable ending but solid and clear storytelling. Audio and camera shots were nice. Pretty good for a "middle-aged cameraman" :D

Good work here guys! It could have been more effective with a serious tone rather than a comedic one (especially with dialogue), however there was some nice references to crime genre tropes. Interesting use of the leaf/leaves as a prop.

Default Avatar Blackflash72

One for the adults. Homage indeed.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Nicky is down on his luck. He has bills owing and runs the risk of being evicted. Reluctantly, he organises to sell his prized collection to get some cash. Meanwhile, a couple of inept crooks look to steal a valuable statue and necklace for their boss Big Ray. Worlds collide... This too had a nice intro and throughout the film there were nice touches of humour (Nicky splashing water on his face with his glasses still on). Camerawork was very good and the sound was also pretty good apart from an exterior scene that had no dialogue but the horrible wind noise was left in. The acting was solid, with Big Ray and his Moll clear stand-outs in their cameos. The old switcheroo at the end was a bit cliché but hey, it fits the genre, so why not!

Default Avatar atree

I didn't understand the reason for the swap of the cases - the scene didn't seem to fit in. Other than this - it the story worked pretty well.

The story could have been more interesting, but the acting was generally good and it was a ambitious shoot. Good stuff.

Need to update team logo ;-) The story was not quite explained properly- not sure how the switch worked. There were some sound issues. Generally performances enough to keep me entertained.

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