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I really liked this film. It was one of the picks of this heat. I like also that they doubled it as both a possible erotic thriller and a superhero movie. They took the piss out of themselves. The comedy was really understated and great, I loved the team intro. It was both well shot and well edited. It was well constructed and was a good take on the genre. Good use of the leaf too. Big ups. Great acting.

Default Avatar Ashley Pitman

Sitting in a dark cinema watching a story unfold which starts out to be the most epic erotic thriller suddenly spins into something quite different as the two genres (Erotic Thriller and Super Hero) merge into something out of the ordinary, in a good way! As we discover what really is the 'BBS'. Not to give away any spoliers but within this tight kept film everything works well and the story flows from beging to end in a seemless motion. And to end on a high note BBS has everything I would like to see in a film, visually stunning, strong characters which are interesting to follow and betwen those two thick slices of bread theres that dark linning which is oh so dark, twisted, sexually charged and covered in nothing but pure hilarity!

Can't stop laughing. This is perfect Kiwi piss-take humour with a good heart and a ridiculous premise. They took the text-book expert approach to the genre and made an incredibly sweet film from team-intro (amazing!) through to credits (the kind you'd stay in the theatre for). It's got science and action and a variety of locations and completely adorkable actors. Mega-cool, probably heaps of fun to make and I can't wait to see it again.

Default Avatar Francis O'Hearnily

Really liked this erotica. Well done.

Default Avatar Tangerine_Tangerine_Tangerine

Great little short. I initially thought it was funny but had no legs, but when the penny dropped and it revealed it's true erotic/superhero nature I was loving it. Such a brilliant idea to combine them both. Great work guys.

Default Avatar dabblerfilm

Nice work guys. I thought your idea to indicate at combining two genres worked out...kind of. For me the film was still broken into the two segments, and although there was clearly a creative idea, I didn't think enough effort had been put into narrative. We had an establishing scene that lasted a little bit too long followed by and equally long montage. Don't get me wrong this movie is a great laugh, with some beautiful shots, great acting, scripting and score. This team is definitely one to watch as with a little focus behind narrative I can definitely see them competing with the best of them.

My Fav of the night, right from the start it had me hooked deep during the meal dialogue, wondering which direction this film was going in. The humour was witty and clever and they managed to squeeze a lot of it into their short. Editing was tight and I felt it flowed nicely, the story worked for me !

Makes me want to give up my criminal ways...

Holy crappoli! This one was awesome! That team intro with "Kevin", the international student started out the film on a high note... And it just kept me laughing all the way through. I loved the start as an erotic thriller, and then the way it turned into a super hero movie! I'm still laughing even days after seeing this one - Can't wait til its finally viewable online... Awesome effort, and good luck team!

Default Avatar ardman

It was badly made but it was super funny. I think the writer is amazing but the director needs to learn a lot about shots and editor needs to work harder too. The over all was good laugh. Thanks for the movie

Awesome effort with a genre which I consider to be one of the tougher ones this year and especially combining elements from both. Very comedic and also made me turn away at times as it was so outrageous (when the guy start unzip his trousers). The action scenes were great too. Technically good and especially like the shot at the end of BBS sitting astride the canon. Great symbolism I think. Boom!

Default Avatar tobysharpe

Really funny! This was an inspired choice to make the finals. not sure what else to say about it other than I really really enjoyed it!

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