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Somebody Someone kevman3d

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Holy crappoli! This one was awesome! That team intro with "Kevin", the international student started out the film on a high note... And it just kept me laughing all the way through. I loved the start as an erotic thriller, and then the way it turned into a super hero movie! I'm still laughing even days after seeing this one - Can't wait til its finally viewable online... Awesome effort, and good luck team!

Cherry Pi

Not a bad little production. It looked fairly well acted, the production values were ok... The one thing I did feel let it down was that it was supposed to be a comedy - but unfortunately seemed to miss the comedy part of the genre (unless the "falling over" scenes were the humour part of the film???). I would have voted for this if it had happened to give me a good laugh or two, but good effort - just wished it could have been funnier...