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Somebody Someone kirkbremner

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Awesome effort with a genre which I consider to be one of the tougher ones this year and especially combining elements from both. Very comedic and also made me turn away at times as it was so outrageous (when the guy start unzip his trousers). The action scenes were great too. Technically good and especially like the shot at the end of BBS sitting astride the canon. Great symbolism I think. Boom!


Awesome job team. One of the harder genres and nice to see you went for drama instead of cheap in-jokes like many others. The moment on the roof top felt very genuine. While it wasn't a huge plot or arching story, this film made me think what I would do at the end of the world (probably two girls in a car...) So I think it achieved its aim. Sharp cinematography and like the two time-lapses. Looked like a commercial in my opinion. Music choice complemented the story well and the voice at start of song had a reminiscing feeling and called me back to times in our past like the moon landing. Then the final shot when the lead works down the empty street reminded me of 'I am Legend' and I love that film so Boom!