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Liberachi’s Lament No.9

by The Underdogs

Two amateur singers set out to record their first Italian opera demo, but getting in tune may be easier said than sung.


This was a fun film, team, a really nice slice of life of wannabe but passionate opera singers going at it in the recording studio to try and find harmony in both their musical notes and their friendship. Excellent use of contrast with one singer in a fitting black and white tidy formal getup versus the loose orange polo shirt singer who lets their singing do the talking, with the lackadaisical approach proving almost hair pullingly frustrating to the chagrin of the studio engineer.

I noted a really nice use of the whispering element in this film, and visual and sound were clean. My main encouragement from a technical point of view would be utilising some more cinematic elements such as close ups because the bulk of the film was mid range static camerawork. Whilst the script carried the film well it could have been elevated in my opinion by techniques the medium offers. And whilst sound was clean it did feel like a few cuts were quite abrupt and I would have loved more dynamic use of sound given this is what drove the film.

"Mr. Orange" for lack of a better term, you were a particular highlight on screen I must say. Standing your ground as a paying customer was a particular highlight, and cringeworthily funny for anyone who has ever worked in retail. The customer is always right! Except when they're not. Nice work.

Story: 3/5
Technical: 2.5/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 3/5

This was such a funny concept - embracing the fact that your actors can't really sing and making it the plot point was a great call. 3/5 stars!

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