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Mysterious Black

by Team Gonzo! 329 views


Default Avatar me myself and i

The entire movie was set in a car. Great cinematography and effects. Good use of light. Questionable use of music, unless Fly My Pretties gave them their rights. Not very memorable.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Another well made film which was DQ'd loved the look of the film but the story was a bit iffy, the ending was good but not as well executed as it could have been. Essentially it's about a detective on a stake out mission, well shot, nice atmosphere.

This film was fairly well made technically but, like many others in this heat, the story was lost on me. It got a little slow and then confusing but the twist at the end brought it into perspective...even if it seems fairly predictable in hindsight.

Default Avatar Odd Bob

I really liked the way this movie was shot and it seemed to have good production values. Definitely one of the most creative uses of the wire prop! The story line got a bit confusing and I'm not quite sure why this was a "Mystery" film, but overall it was a good effort.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

A detective sits in his car on a stakeout, watching the neighbours etc. This film looked great but didn't really get into the mystery side of things, unless the mystery was why he was in his car? The acting was good and the overall aesthetic of the film was great and the end made it make sense but felt like it fell short.

How did you get Nicholas Hope in your movie?! This film has well lit and framed shots, and a nice performance by the lead actor. I can't remember much else about it, maybe the shot of Nicholas Hope stunned me so I forgot the rest of the film? I do remember the ending, it was nice:) But really, do you know Nicholas Hope?

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