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  • Hello, I’m getting more and more into animation these days and was wondering what are some of the best places to buy computers for this… View Topic

    Last post by toowit toowoo
    09:36AM, 13 Aug 2019
    3 responses, 1031 views

  • Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. I was watching through the movie and 1 fucking shot wasn't split screened. How strict is this thing, surely 1 shot is… View Topic

    Last post by Rastinha
    08:43AM, 3 Jul 2019
    11 responses, 1434 views

  • Hi, can you please just confirm the wording required for the final credit? The Rules page states "5. The ‘film’ must include the final closing… View Topic

    Last post by CraigWB
    09:17AM, 14 Jun 2019
    2 responses, 529 views

  • Hi all, Have trawled the Forum for a clear steer on where we can access music that is allowed in the Festival - found reference… View Topic

    Last post by dramamike
    05:58PM, 13 Jun 2019
    15 responses, 4793 views

  • Every year everyone has a lot of questions about copyright. We have info on the 48Hours website here - https://www.48hours.co.nz/rules/copyright-legal-faq/ If you have any other… View Topic

    Last post by themorgan
    02:32PM, 13 Jun 2019
    3 responses, 486 views

  • Hi, I am using my Rode NGT4+ and have just bought a pre amp (Zoom H4n Pro). I was wanting to know if I need… View Topic

    Last post by videoamp1969
    11:51AM, 1 Jun 2019
    0 responses, 267 views

  • Hi folks, I asked this on FB last night but I think it got lost in the shuffle of all the excitement :) My film… View Topic

    Last post by Becca Barnes
    06:21AM, 16 Jun 2018
    5 responses, 1775 views

  • I just wanted to check if the Judges for each region watch every film from their region. And from there create a shortlist from which… View Topic

    Last post by IronFilms
    12:07AM, 15 Jun 2018
    1 response, 1556 views

  • When are the city finalists announced? View Topic

    Last post by ruth
    12:16PM, 4 Jun 2018
    3 responses, 1601 views

  • Have there been any audience awards given out for the films that have played yet? And if so, am I just blind and not seeing… View Topic

    Last post by ruth
    07:55PM, 25 May 2018
    10 responses, 2829 views

  • Ok, so it says the main characters must be children or animals but how many of the ‘main’ characters does that mean? So if the… View Topic

    Last post by ruth
    10:12AM, 16 May 2018
    19 responses, 3866 views

  • The finish line seemed less frantic this year and I was wondering if less teams made it in on time or if they just got… View Topic

    Last post by DogsBreakfast
    09:21PM, 14 May 2018
    2 responses, 1007 views

  • Does this relate to the time within the film or the time within the file? View Topic

    Last post by themorgan
    10:51AM, 14 May 2018
    4 responses, 1255 views

  • Are we allowed to use sport team club logos in our films? Like a football team scarf with their name and logo on it? View Topic

    Last post by ruth
    04:14PM, 12 May 2018
    3 responses, 1083 views

  • Hey everyone, I don't know if this is just me, but every year I struggle to find what information needs to be written on the… View Topic

    Last post by Bloydd
    06:47PM, 8 May 2018
    5 responses, 1640 views

  • According to the city info the first heats won't play until June 5th, some 23 days after the shoot weekend. Are these the locked in… View Topic

    Last post by BrotherInCrime
    10:44AM, 7 May 2018
    7 responses, 1959 views

  • Hey guys, First time competing out of town. Can not be there for the opening. How does it work in terms of what elements one… View Topic

    Last post by Nimbo
    11:21AM, 23 Apr 2018
    2 responses, 968 views

  • When you register should you get a confirmation email? I registered last night and haven’t received an email yet. View Topic

    Last post by Rowox
    09:06PM, 18 Apr 2018
    1 response, 817 views

  • The other day the rules were there. Now they are gone. I suspect that they are down while being reviewed/updated for the year. Can anyone… View Topic

    Last post by Craig Parkes
    12:00PM, 5 Apr 2018
    5 responses, 1756 views

  • Will there be a live stream of the national final this year? View Topic

    Last post by toowit toowoo
    09:46AM, 16 Nov 2017
    2 responses, 1494 views