Our Screening Room and review site are now combined.  

For Teams:

You cannot make your film public online until your film is out of competition, e.g. once the shortlist, the city finalists or the grand finalists are announced. If you are not on the list you can make your film public.

Until then you're welcome to upload your film but you must password protect it or make it private. You can still use the password protected or private Vimeo or Youtube link to create an entry for your film on the Screening Room.

Its important to get your Screening Room entry up before the Heats so your film can be reviewed.

Make sure all your information in your Screening Room entry is correct as you will need to contact us to make changes. Once your film is out of competition you can simply remove the password or make the link public.

For Reviewers:

We encourage you to watch and review other competitors' films in our Screening Room. Feedback is one of the most helpful resources for filmmakers, so feel free to post reviews under any films you watch, or saw in the heats. 

Reviews can take any form but we suggest you keep them positive and encouraging. Let your fellow filmmakers in on something that made you want to watch it, something positive that you enjoyed, or any constructive advice to improve on.