All heats in 2024 will be screened online so teams can watch all entries.

You can find your region's heats listed in the heats schedule - Team names will be added to heats as we finalise them.

Some regions will have in person watch parties - this is noted on your city info page and the heats schedule.

Please note that watch parties are trade screenings intended for cast and crew, and aren't public events. Some of the venues have limited numbers of seats so please consider how many people you bring along to the heats. Feel free to share the YouTube livestream online.

Audience Favourites

At the end of each online heat viewers will be able to vote for the three films they like the best. A code will show at the end of each heat with a web address where you can vote for the films you liked the best. The audience favourite in each heat will be announced on the Audience Favourites Results page.


Feedback is an important part of making films. We encourage teams to review each other's entries on the Screening Room. Find out more about reviews here.