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Missing Peace

by Tidy Mess

When a women's husband goes missing, she has more problems to worry about than who will now open her pickle jars.


The overall polish of this short nailed the tone of the story in this short. Perhaps a darker shooting style would have worked better but it's nothing to complain about. The story was pretty interesting though I would say a few of the details could have been better thought out. The thing about the neighbors sending threatening notes to sell the house was a bit of a red hearing and I think it could have been interesting if you could have confirmed if the notes were coming from the neighbors or if she made the notes herself to cover up the truth.

At the heat screening for this movie, Karl the director was in an arm cast. He told me he deliberately delayed getting his cast put on in order to make this movie. That's commitment! And lemme tell ya, it paid off in spades! Or should I say, pickles? Or should I say... spades????

Solid film, it had everything going for it. Especially love the performance from your lead!

Such a delicious story. We do know that it's wrong to dispatch someone who is intensely annoying but it would be pretty easy to forgive Mrs Mulligan. I loved the perfectly calm, consistent domestic setting contrasting with the messiness of the burial. "Missing Peace" truly connected with viewers. How many women grrrd when the moustached detective bossed the impressively forearmed detective about? Didn't we feel revulsion as the pickles sprayed forth? Who joined Mrs Mulligan in releasing a long breath as she triumphed? Wonderful theatre and tight technical stuff. How refreshing to watch a film that didn't rely on explicit imagery to seek attention. Kia kaha Team.

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