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Adventure of a lifetime

by Angkasa Films

Made for the NZ 48HR Lockdown Film Challenge, this film was made completely from concept to finished film in 48 hours.
It was made completely in Lockdown, so everyone contributed from their own homes, and actors filmed themselves or each other. It was shot on phones in Indonesia and France, edited in Indonesia, Sound design in KL, and Produced in Bali.
Featuring: Widika Sidmore, Salvita Decorte, Valentine Payen, Samuel Payen
Directors: Peter Bannan, Salvita Decorte, Valentine Payen, Widika Sidmore
Script: Valentine Payen, Gunnar Nimpuno
Editor: Laura Bee
Sound design: TwoAM Music Studios, Anton Morgan, Kit Kuan Leong
Cinematography Direction: Gunnar Nimpuno
Producer: Jeanny Grace
With the collaboration of: Xavier Perrier Cornet, Emil Lin

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