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Sleve McDichael's Guide to Success

by 341


I don't usually like cringe comedy but this was genuinely hilarious. Impeccable timing and poise.

Like LIMITLESS but with faeces instead of drugs, and the lead is a motivational speaker instead of a struggling writer. Grossed me out! Very strong performance by the lead actor who was fearless in the face of gobbling poop to be more like Tony Robbins. Script was good, and mostly well shot but some of the camerawork was a bit unsteady and the theaters theoretically being full of audience members unfortunately did have the vibe of empty school halls. I'm giving this a pretty good rating as the final act with the Himalayan vomit and man in goat suit was a sight to behold.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

I wanted to look away, but the camera work was too nice. I was afraid from the clean look of this team that they were a highly polished team forced to do something gross. The use of an artists recreation showed that the directors weren't afraid to atempt spomething new and spontaneous. Hard to fault other than to say, it wasn't exciting enough. The stakes were'nt very high. The story was rounded. The eyes changing when the feces worked their magic was excellent. Many locations and a great use of stock imagery.

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