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Sims 3 Generation Expansion Pack

by MIC335 Jive


This felt like exactly what 48 hours is about - you clearly had fun making your film, the actors were even laughing at it throughout - and the audience was fully along for the ride. Hope this makes it further into the comp, was super fun to watch! Loved the cheesy camerawork too.

Verite home movie film-making on a $2 budget yes this was absolutely cringe and had an impressive amount of detail to the story as our lead showed how she grew up alone with a heavy drinking father and neglectful mother before finding the love of her life, and a blind dog randomly thrown in for good measure. Gonzo would probably be the best word to describe this, with crazy makeup for almost all cast members involved. It reminded me a bit of a warped version of TARNATION but from a plot point of view this was all over the place. I also get it, but am of 2 minds as to whether deliberately shooting this to look like a used vhs should be applauded when you've got other teams shooting on high-end cameras creating exceptional scope films, for example. But variety is the spice of life, hey, and this team did get a huge amount of laughs at the heat.

Default Avatar tomtato

Great film! You really showed the fun of the festival through your work. It always makes me happy to see the vast creativity of the young members of the film industry.

Default Avatar yvesbear

bloody hilarious, i was snorting, wheezing, choking on my laughter the entire time. i love how this film represented the spirit of the 48 hour challenge and stuck true to its theme of cringe comedy. it was awesome to see the entire audience falling off their seats with laughter as well!

Default Avatar Secure Freedom and Rights

I have never in my life witnessed such a film. The attention to detail is incredible, and the film physically moved me. I feel as though my life has changed forever.

This looks suspiciously like y'all jumped on here and gave your film perfect scores (4 perfect reviews with very brief comment and only one sensible review). I have to admit I loved the wedding scene and the end bit with the blind dog, but the rest was a mess. It was cringeworthy (the genre requirement) but not in a good or entertaining way. Didn't feel like the opening question was properly answered. And I can appreciate that you only had phones to film on but I don't think it had to be that shaky. EDIT: I had a nosey at the review history of all 4 perfect scores. One of them looked like a veteran, been a member for 5 years so I can appreciate they were probably legit. The other three confirmed my suspicions, all just joined up and haven't reviewed any other films. I could bump my rating down to 1 to play your immature game but ratings here mean fuck all, you're not going to get any awards because you have the highest rating, judges don't take scores on here into account. So I'll just leave you with my honest assesment and score that I think you deserve.

After seeing this films at a packed out heat in Wellington with a real audience, it's value was in the humour and the entertainment factor. People were rolling around laughing, it was the biggest laughs of all of the films. I would say these reviews are legit, people really enjoyed it. My favourite kind of humour comes dry and weak and this extremely crudely made film is an absolute riot. It had shoddy dialogue, random dog appearances, choppy editing and an irreverent use of the wind element, all pulled into a story by some great narration. Thanks for this fun film, I won't forget it, looking forward to seeing what you do next year.

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