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Ripped Off

by Atomic Monkeys


HOMEWARD BOUND through the lens of a stick family car sticker boy and his beloved pet cat who fall off the back of the station wagon. I really loved the animation here and how it mixed with real life through water splashes, sewers and moving leaves. Clean sound, charming wholesome feel to the whole thing. I was personally impressed I'm just not sure if the story had enough legs to progress further given how many other's footprints it was following (MILO AND OTIS also) but we'll see.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

The style and idea was great. This I heard from other members in the audience to be one of the favorites. I didn't feel the same. Story is king, and this lacked a basic middle. It did though, stay legible. If story can be worked in a bit better, then it'll be sweet.

Default Avatar Paul McLaughlin

I only saw films from this heat but this was a little gem that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was funny and cute and very entertaining. Hats off to this team, I can't wait to show it to my kids, thanks.

Phrases such as "thinking outside the box" are overused but this was an excellent example. Who would have thought you could flesh out car stickers into actual animated characters? It was a great use of animation/live action hybrid and also a rare 48 hour film that could be rated G and I'm not normally the type to go for that sort of thing but the charms won me over.

Family sticker boy and cat sticker Boris peel off a car window out into the big open world and have adventures trying to find their way back to the safety of their car sticker family. This concept lends itself well to animation and I always enjoy a mixture of live action and animation. It is a charming and cute film, I think the audience for this one is younger - the style of dialogue, the voice acting and the simple story. The score and the sound effects help with pacing, but the story was a little simple for me. I will show it to some kids and see how they like it.

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