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Random Access Memories

by H34


Goddamit, 2 films in the same heat with murderous stabby endings! I'm sorry for spoiling this but as a resolution in this competition that is just a shitty way to end things. And honestly it was a damn shame because up until that point I was enjoying your film a hell of a lot and you had in my opinion made a much better film than your film that got to the national final last year. Script was really good here as a dishy in a restaurant used new sci fi technology while lying awake in bed at night to deal with the horrendous treatment from his boss. It was relatable for sure for anyone who has ever suffered under poor management or workplace bullying, with lots of laughs and guffaws in the cinema when the fantastical comebacks where pronounced. Your lead actor and his boss both had commanding screen presence, and I really liked how you were able to get such clean coverage with your camera within the small confines of the back of the restaurant. Sound and sound design was also crisp. Just so frustrating that you went with that cop out finale.

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