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by Massey Digital


Pretty beautiful cinematography throughout - really loved the lighting and colour. The music was great too - awesome to tackle musical even when you didn't have to! I will admit I got a little bit lost on some of the story details through the middle and wish it was a tad louder so that the music had a bit more energy.

Choosing to do musical of your own accord when given generation gap and nailing it? Impressive! Well when I say nailing it I mean that the songs were incredibly well sung, and the look and feel of the film was terrific. I just have a couple of reservations of how well this really ticked the box for your given genre, though I expect the judges will probably have loved it given how much they like subversion typically. The reason I say that is because simply pondering how kids would date 40 years in future was only meeting one half of the criteria. I mean yes absolutely really well done with the John Hughes inspired cringe first date, and goddam if this doesn't get a nom for best song or score, but the payoff to actually show a gap in generations was kind of weak for mine.

An 80's couple go on a date and imagine what a date might look like in the future. This film started slow and the date dialogue while sweet was a little awkward, but it really cracked into it a run once the characters started singing. The 3-part harmonies carried me through this film and I get this brilliant song stuck in my head so it is great to see it recognised with a nomination for best song/score. I got a little confused by the robot girl from the future - whilst the lighting created a futuristic tone, her eyes were the only clue she was a robot and easily missed - I think the future scenes needed more context and it made the story and genre seem like an afterthought to the musical aspirations of the team. I hope you get musical next year, what a talent you all have for it!

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