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Mind The Gap

by Diabolical Pants


Default Avatar dawkward

Was this a school team? A lot of awesome, hilarious ideas. Keep making stuff!!

Default Avatar Hotlips

Potentially a high-school team here, not sure. Either way, there's some talent in this young group for sure. Solid performances, shot and edited well. To make the generation gap a specific physical event, where one crosses over to is a great premise. Lots to be proud of here for this team. We'll done and looking forward to watching this film again.

A trio of high school girls ponder their lives with exams and cellphones, and compare themselves to the older generation with their craft beer and artisan chocolate. We're also told through exposition that a lot of younger people have been 'crossing over' to the older side when they forget who they are as their younger selves. Bit of a creepy vibe as this isn't just metaphorical but results in completely disappearing from the young universe ala a Thanos snap when you forget your youthful self, or at least this was my take. I appreciated the attempt at subversion however it did have an air of standing around and talking for most of it. I think it would have been a much stronger film if the older generation had not just been talked about but instead properly integrated. I mean I get that the cross over was the integration, but the lack of explanation as to why the cross over was happening despite all the talking meant it was a hard sell in my book. The camera was also very static and for more dynamism I would have suggested not filming most of the film through long shots.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

Some of the camera work was fun. Especially the Kendrick Lamar styled tilts. Unfortunately the editing and the sound could be a bit jarring. The setting was convincing as a full school at the start, but began to slip by the end. Great Ideas, with some classic flossing, and leaned really well into its genre. Would like to see some lighting and camera movements come into play next time.

Default Avatar Dolly Zoom

It's really great seeing young people making films. This is what the competition is about, just getting our there and giving it ago, and learning along the way. This is a delightful story which screams youth, which is great considering the story is about the generation gap. I suspect a few people watching this will focus on technical flaws, and story points, but that's because they're all a bit disillusioned by life and take things too serious. They don't get it because they've crossed the generation gap and become uncool old fogies. The part where one of the girls thinks that being an adult means eating artisan chocolates made me giggle. Good work, looking forward to see what you make in the future.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Not a bad idea here to treat the generation gap as something that is infecting teens. Unfortunately we heard so much about it via some rather dull conversation sequences. It wasn't until towards the end that we got some action. I think you could have made this whole thing a lot darker in an "It Follows" kind of way. As others have mentioned, if you're going to set a film in a school, during a school day then we need to see some people! The lack of atmosphere really gave proceedings a flat feeling. I liked your wind execution and the 4th wall break also worked.

I see there are mixed reviews here, some 5 star, some 3 star and interestingly no 4 star. I agree with the former group, it was a fun little effort and I hope you keep making films. It was a great way to turn the genre on its head and I love the way you did the disappearances at the end. This is what the competition is about, please don't cross over. EDIT: I also noted that one of the reviewers complained that it was a bit unrealistic to be set in a school without other kids around. Chill dude, it's shot over the weekend, how many other kids are going to be hanging around, they got to make do with what they have.

The generation gap is brutal in this film, if you even talk about things not in your generation you simply disappear or 'cross over' to the other side to a world of weather talk, craft beer, artisan chocolate and old people. I like that the generation gap is an event and your title is a perfect fit to your film. This film is dialogue driven and it gleans its humour from teen fads and cliches of what each generation was like. It is great to see teens in teen roles and a tidy story. I liked the bit when she realises she is next, you took a little risk there with the camera work and makes it more dynamic. Next year go for some more stylistic shooting - take more risks and see if it pays off.

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