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Hairmonal Creatures

by SkooterMan Pictures


Big big werewolf fan here, and SkooterMan Pictures have improved yet again with a ravishing understated kiwi tale of lycanthropy. In a nutshell a trip to the doctor for monthly sleep deprivation and cramps that happens on oh around so each full moon leads to the realisation that our lead may be cursed like Michael J Fox in 1985. Mad props to the actor who shaved their impressive beard for the part! I'm also impressed that you took one of last year's main flaws (lighting) and ensured that all your footage was crisp and bright. And fuck me I looove some practical effects so I have to say the transformation hair ripping through the suits was sensational. I think this will go close to shortlist, + would have been a real contender for best incredibly strange if that was still an award, though the main thing holding it back just a teensy bit were a handful of jumpy edits here and there in the doctor's office. Nevertheless there were other technical aspects that shined from a cinematography point of view, with the pair of werewolves ambling around and howling in unison being a particular highlight.

A great concept with a great tone, and the practical effects to back it up. Good job finding a way to get the spicy drone shot in there. Some impressive cinematography and honestly just a fun film overall. Not too much to say beyond that really, I have to admit that I didn't personally connect with it as much as others.

A trip to the doctors to diagnose some fairly unique symptoms reveals that werewolves are still a health problem in the modern world. This team always seems to have a lot of fun in the competition and the film is a reflection of that. I enjoyed the ripping shirts and rippling fur backs, also nominated for a gorgeous overhead shot of some wild beasts running through the field. It was all well lit and well shot this year boys so props to taking on the advice from last years review! Things to improve - was the editing style - there was a few too many repeated shots and the sequences could have been cut down shorter for a tighter edit - it was a little indulgent - so economy of shots, only including the shots will get the story beats across. Thats it! I hope to see your team next year, you are improving each year!

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