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Eyes Crust Shut

by Tasteful Side Boob


Given that Tasteful Side Boob + We Fight Like Girls (who had members from this team) previously regularly had gross out comedy elements in their films, this genre honestly felt absolutely made for this particular team...and they nailed it. Three news anchors come into the office, suspiciously wearing sunglasses that don't quite hide the fact that there is something lurking near their eyes. The script was cracking here, delving into the issues of screwing the crew versus what HR policies might dictate you should be doing in the office. I loved that the free spirits just went their own way here, and when it was time for 'News Zealand' you knew the proverbial shit was going to hit the fan. Highlights included the flashback to the previous night of debauchery, the TV director losing his mind which played off ever so nicely compared to the sexually liberal presenters, and the gooey squishy vomity makeup and effects. Basically this was a life lesson about butt stuff.

Default Avatar Visual_Boi

This film had everyone laughing and will have you laughing too. Dialog is very good and the jokes land well. Some issues that i noticed was the colour grading when it changes shots between looking at the 3 actors then to the the 1 lady on the left she becomes a lot more orange and that pulls you out of the movie.

Thanks! I hate it

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