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Cheers Dad

by BFF: Best Films Forever


A couple of siblings reunite over their father's urn of ashes, and subsequent trip to a beautiful park to scatter them. An intimate and serious tale, with notes of laughter sprinkled throughout that hit close to home having lost loved ones myself in the past. I could feel the rawness of the terrific lead actor as he stood up for his father with some stirring speeches. Also very nice use of the required wind element. Having said that, sound was an issue. I once got absolutely ripped to shreds for saying a team had bad audio, and that was not the case here but this was definitely a case of where the film could be in an oh so much stronger position had the dialogue mix in particular been clearer, as I was genuinely struggling to make out what was being said at multiple times throughout the film.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

By a long shot, this film had the most well defined and beautiful characters I've seen in a 48. I empathized immediately. Such a complex array of emotions to pull of in a 48, and I wonder if it was too many. A BEAUTIFUL overhead shot. Smooth camera work in the bush, which is tricky. The use of wind was a pivot point to the story line and the locations were great. In future, I'd like to see this team try something a bit more risky.

I'm not sure a sibling bonding movie falls into the "buddy" category. There were some things you did well, a couple of good jokes, the BFF opening credits and the use of wind was one of the best I've seen for this year. But I thought this movie was overall a bit cringe and the level of humour you tried to generate didn't seem particularly appropriate for the theme.

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