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Clutha Matters

by Hamshank Redemption


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A real mix of mockumentary/TV Sitcom/Reality TV and chat show this film details a trio of teens attending a holiday theatre group run by a Willy Wonka/Mad Hatter type. I really wish you'd ditched the mock style of this and created a story around the teens and the guy running the theatre. So many possibilities there. As it is the story doesn't amount to much but the ending was unexpected so good job there.

Good job . I really enjoyed the opening sequence I thought the bridge shot was very nice.

What I think this looks like is a longer film created and then you had to cut out a lot of it to fit in the allotted time and you randomly chose what to cut as we're left with some mismatched pieces (not saying I think that happened but that's the effect of what we have). The reference to the school holidays is the only thing that makes the film "holiday." That said it wasn't all bad and the guy in charge was a hoot. It just wasn't very smooth overall. There was a clever in-joke with "Executive Producers Charlie Flowers and Harper Harrison." For those who don't know, until 2016 there was always a required element of a character name and these were the names of the last two years in which it was like this. But it will be lost on casual viewers, people who joined the comp more recently plus a lot of people probably don't play close attention to credits.

Head scratcher mockumentary about a madhatter wanting to recruit students for his theatre troupe in the school holidays inspired by...Full House and Willy Wonka?? whilst seemingly shot on a very old vhs camcorder despite everyone in the film tapping away on modern smartphones. Tonally this was all over the place from the casio keyboard flavoured theme song that jumped out throughout, to self descriptors to the camera, to the actual filming of the show/interviews. I think this was a bit of a square peg in a round hole regarding the genre, as simply mentioning it was the holidays didn't really tick the requirement for me. I also think that if you were going with this old camcorder approach there simply had to be more justification for its use, as it didn't make sense and became a throwaway at the end. Your lead definitely hammed it up and this could have gone somewhere if there was a bit of motivation for the hiring of the actors. Ending definitely out of left-field but yet again had me puzzled rather than surprised in a good way.

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