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Straight Outta Wellington

by Simple Swish 89 views


So many fish puns and a great comedic use of a puddle - I hope the guy who took the fall got some just reward! Basically an out of town tech-savvy cousin came and struggled to fit in with his athletic relations. Some tightening of the story and use of more dynamic camera angles (almost everything was wide to super wide) would have been of immense benefit however the tennis court ball barrage was gold. Also I saw in the credits a mention that the version of the Happy Days theme song you used was royalty/commercial free and I think you've missed the mark there.

Townie cousin William comes to visit Foxton and can't find the wifi. His four teenage cousins try to make him welcome by making him play a series of increasingly unsuccessful team sports which result in some great physical comedy. The puddle and sand dune falls are great. It is a little repetitive and the ending is abrupt with a sense that the characters didn't really learn to get on as I expected they might, so perhaps a little more work on the character evolution in the story could be something to think about next time. I have to say the dad was great - I laughed out loud both times he appeared.

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