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Safety is the key

by not without Daniel 148 views


Default Avatar PleaseIgnoreMe

Very funny...the raw special effects made it better. Dialoge was excellent. Cat kicking gag pulled off really well.

Default Avatar Kai

Loved this. Hilarious. Awesome shots too.

Safety protocols and high-vis vests will never be the same following this high quality incredibly strange monster movie by Daniel Cook's team where things quickly went awry for the new team put through their paces. The smug benefactor boss was played with aplomb, and your tongue-like slug monster effects really hit the mark for me. Lo-fi as fuck but very well shot and cut with a snappy ferocity to the proceedings. Jokes really hit the mark and me even mentioning the cat footage as questionable probably means you succeeded in what you set out to achieve. Disturbing and hilarious in my book.

Default Avatar libbitybibbit

"why aren't you wearing hi-vis" "my parents bought property in the 70s" i spent the rest of the morning muttering this exchange to myself and laughing, so, well done to your screenwriter and to the snappy delivery of mr property values, whose performance was a high point of the viewing experience of the heat. shoutout to whoever decided the mullet was necessary; they were correct and deserve a high-five. this was a straightforward but not boring entry in monster films that i found well-executed within its technical ability and entertaining. would watch again and laugh in all the same places.

good witty dialogue, good monster, good gags, good cat.

Default Avatar Clubbie

Cool film team! My only negative was seeing the stuffed cat for a second too long at the sliding door scene. LOVED the head to the windscreen - well filmed and well edited! Loved the dialogue re property in the 70's - classic call. Guitar smash -good, cat kick - amazing and funny and well edited, monster was a little not-so-scary. Very impressed given you knocked this sucker out in a weekend!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Out of all teams in NZ I look forward to and indeed go searching for this lot every year. So, it'll never be an objective review from me. Loved the typical humour, gross outs, musical opportunities and clever one liners. Never too long to outstay its welcome, simple in its execution and delivers a lot more then many yawn-fest, judge-friendly shorts that typically go further in this competition.

For some reason my enjoyment of this film is increased by the many questions I have around the team name - enter next year and explain it me please. The story here is set in a workshop and begins with a safety briefing by the hilarious and arrogant boss. His parents bought property in the 70s so he doesn't have to wear high vis, but by god everyone else does. Anyone who's had to deal with workplace safety would have been rolling around with laughter at the parody of what is now a regular part of a work day. Unfortunately the risk assessment didn't include the weird and really disgusting monster thing that is unpacked from a delivery, early on in the film. Some kind of jelly worm thing on a string leaps into people and causes them to attack each other. Ensure much unsafe activity. The last workers are only saved at the end by Wellington's best door slam - the garage door beheading the monster. This was one of those films that was a bit rough and ready technically but the story was really funny and weird, it had a bunch of great lines and you can't help but feel the team had a ball making it.

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