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operation resurrection

by The Final Girls 83 views


Non-linear exposition on life and death set across 2 weeks or so with unexplained loose-ends making it come across like a giallo fever dream. This film had some really lovely opening shots as a body was dragged across a beach and buried, but was followed by being out of focus the first time we saw the face of a character. It really did walk a fine line between a memorable dream and hard to comprehend storytelling as a woman followed instructions under threat from a sinister unnamed figure through to resurrection and confusion. Despite the unclear structure and hit and miss audio, this was entertaining with a crazy script and black comedy that I can't give negative marks to.

A girl buries another girl on the beach and then impersonates her, living her life under the control of a sinister person on the other end of the phone. The buried girl is discovered, identified and ends up on the news. The young lead playing Elizabeth was a natural and she had a difficult role. I do think you guys set yourself a difficult film to make, the plot was complex, the characters were all adults and you ran into some technical issues , the result - the story became somewhat confusing. We love the school teams entries - the energy that the school teams bring to the competition is infectious. My suggestion to your team (and all school teams) for next year is would be to pick a story you can tell in 5 mins, keep it simple and do it well. Use your own voice, use the medium to talk about something that affects you and your peers. We find that a lot of the school teams make films that they like to watch, with a pre-conceived notion of what a film should be. Instead, call on your own experience of the world and tell a story that only you can tell, keep it simple and spend time on the script. Also, props to the teachers of Newlands College for running so many teams over the shoot weekend!

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