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Life is Better With You

by Wellington High Year 11 29 views


Not sure why I noted the team name as 'Exit Sign'? but that's by the by. This was an engaging and very enjoyable film to watch close out the Wellington heats for 2018 as a guy obsessed with asking a girl out simply will not take the hint that she is not interested, no matter how many times she rejects him. Yes this ranges from mid-exam through lady's bathroom and on to her house. So creepy and stalkerish but done in a really lighthearted way showing that you can make good comedy out of any situation. The back yard barrel rolls deservedly got some loud laughs and your lead actor really had something highly watchable about him, nailing every line that came out of his mouth. The payoff was fantastic it was just a bit rough around the edges from a technical pov.

The main character tries his best to get close to the girl of his dreams, but this is a case of only one star crossed lover who is perhaps maybe a little bit more of a stalker. There are some humorous moments as his efforts are repelled time and again and the scene with the roll in the back yard is a pretty sweet stunt. It was a bit rough around the edges technically but I did think that the stalker chap still seemed fairly human and likeable which made the final scene slightly touching and funny.

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