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It's A Trap

by One of Us is The Killer 142 views


This team really worked with what it had to create a diverse gang of criminals where the leader was up for trial for heinous crimes, with the majority of the story told in a hazy coloured flashback. A particularly detailed script outlined events here and everything was played with a completely straight face despite the bombastic nature of the dialogue. With a colourful cast including a wheelchair tech wizardly conman, wig-wearing 'wife' and sunglasses-clad Mr. Big type I really enjoyed the verbal interplay between the crooks that showed some strong character development. The heist itself was a bit amateurish [being clearly set at the high school] and sound levels were a mixed bag in this film, being particularly low during the first act. Having said that, the brutal yet low budget gunshots and accompanying bloof vfx were highly entertaining moments. Ambitiously detailed this pushed the dirty humour and was one to remember.

A non-linear Reservoir Dogsesque heist tale is related from the perspective of one of the crooks who is having his day in court. Great dialogue with some top notch yucks derived from the casting of a male in the role of the sexy gangster’s moll. The big boss Sione had most of the best lines and really chewed the scenery. An ambitious film in terms of characters (eg a judge) and locations (bank) and the low budget analogues let the film down a bit. I’m more a fan of young people adapting genre tropes to fit their age and circumstances than pretending that they are adult bank robbers, but this was still a fun film pretty much from go to whoah. It’s a good case in point of the reduction of the time limit from 7 to 5 minutes improving the pacing of the films. I didn’t once find myself bored by this film.

What I liked: -The acting of the first female character -Guns and bullet hits What I wanted more of: -Blood -Over the top performances- I reckon you could have made this more insane with some maniacal over the top craziness, which is what I really enjoy seeing. Thanks, and well done for making a film in 48hours!

An armed bank robber and murderer was caught and put on trial for his crimes. He is fighting for his freedom in court blaming the crimes on his mastermind gang-boss, Sione. Firstly in general, I agree with Mark (reviewer), I prefer it with when people play their own age and have circumstances in their film suited to their age. In saying that, it looked like your team had a blast making this film and the 48-hours can be about that too. As an audience member I was certainly amused, the characters were a lot of fun (especially the wife), you guys were straight-faced committed to your roles and there was some great lines that got a giggle. The courtroom was obviously a classroom which was pretty distracting from the story. Maybe look into hooking up some more diverse locations next year!

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