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Fugue State

by from the punch dimension 37 views


Default Avatar PleaseIgnoreMe

This was a great concept....the 1 shot of the HR person got a little annoying....was that the intention ?

Default Avatar Kai

Enjoyed this movie and the music! Characters were good.

Challenging expose of a doomsday worker and his introspective analysis of the afterlife. The script crammed a lot into this one with jokes about superannuation, HR and collective agreements, with weird segue-ways thrown in at random moments. Production design also went all out here with well-produced pamphlets and a genuine attempt to show a fully fleshed out world. However most of the film was static sitting and talking in an office, there were several instances of framing missing the 50/50 line, sound peaking varied considerably and whilst the concepts were ambitious the storyline was unclear.

Default Avatar libbitybibbit

i loved the set design/world building—not jarring, used effectively. props to the dude who made the brochures. i liked the bureaucrat, who definitely had some of the best lines (the kiwisaver gag, "i was going to say bathroom breaks", very well delivered). it was well-paced, clipping along nicely, though i was unclear on the ending. edit in your alien secret agent, cheers.

Sitting in the HR office in the afterlife on his death day, this hardworking man finds the benefits of his hard work do not cross over into the afterlife. This film drops some HR jokes - ah the paperwork involved in dying! It also uses a lot of dialogue to to explain what is going on, I think it would benefit from more showing instead of telling, because of all of this dialogue the story did get confusing. In terms of production, there is a bit to work on here - the posters and brochures were great to help build the world, but the office was plain and scenes became static. All of these issues can be worked on in the script writing stage. Include more detailed action scene descriptions, refine the dialogue, and keep it simple. 5-mins is not a long time to tell a story.

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