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A Delicate Point

by Laudanum and Lime 7 views


Default Avatar Lexa Dixon

Great work. And excellent illustrations. It has class, humor and feeling. Only downside for me is the lack of background music... it had music at the start and then was a silent film... I personally didn't see the reason for the silent film but putting that aside, you had a fantastic piece of work! Well done!

Black and white minimalist animation that showed a wonderful friendship develop between a recently dumped girl and her new best friend unicorn. With charming picnics and shared sensibilities for pottery, the crisp clean animation was handled with aplomb. I particularly loved the subtitle touches such as the selection of equestrian netflix shows for our horned friend. Of course a bond over a breakup is one that is to be protected and so the defence of the friendship was a particular highlight. Makes me wish I had gone as clean and simple with my own animated film!

My favourite film of the heat. Simple animation and fun story. A shame about the sound dropping out. Had their been music to carry the images it would've been a really great little film. Still my fav of the night.

A girl is dumped by her boyfriend, then a unicorn shows up which cheers her up, they laugh, frolic and watch Netflix. Then her boyfriend shows up to make amends and who knew unicorns got jealous! This solo animation team made the Wellington shortlist, and got a great audience reaction in the Wellington heats. I loved the simple style and surprise ending. I am guessing you ran out of time to get the sound design done, the film would have been elevated by some great sound design. Maybe next year get someone on your team to help with that.

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