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Daddy's Little Angel

by Jovial Entertainment 306 views


I love these guys. their stuff keeps getting better and better. the cinematography in this film was great. it was 'shot' well. forgive the pun. great cast and actors. and used the child actor well. the zany set ups and payoffs for death gags were done very well and the ending was a great gag. the only thing i found hard to understand was establishing the environment of the office. perhaps setting it up and normalising it with some establishing shots of some everyday office activities, before hell breaks loose. I didn't know wha tthe office was, if it was a FBI type office, government, or just a regular office. kudos. great work Jovial. it was a blast

A top three film of the heat for me - the execution of this grand guignol comedy of errors was pretty top notch, and it had a killer (pun intended) final ending that definitely got the sort of audience reaction you would hope for. I could see this being many peoples favourite of the night, and it's really only my personal taste around narrative versus genre execution that has made me rank it not as highly as my other top two from this heat. If you like a bit of gore, some very black comedy and some farce this will be right up your alley. Not for the squeemish or easily triggered by violence though.

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I felt as though this film stood out in the heat as being the most overall complete work. This was produced well on all fronts. Others in the heat that were obviously well made films still had a technical issue or two, particularly noticeable with audio. This one however, had great cinematography, clear and consistent audio/sound design and was cut together really well, with great performances by all cast. As another Ultra entry in this heat, I think they did well to utilise such a talented young girl. Her performance really was great. Whether she was being downright adorabe or super sinister with a her little giggles and laughs, she had the audience on the edge of their seats. This was a more subtle than expected film for its genre, but I think it played out well, as it didn't call for buckets of blood at every turn but still leaned into the death and panic of the scenario. The deaths were all varied as well and were shocking or silly or both which was great for the comedy side of things which Jovial seem to do so well. When compared to their film from last year, it doesn't feel as though it has quite as much of a fleshed out story, but in saying that, it was still very concise/contained with an interesting beginning to kick off the chaos and a very definitive conclusion, which I think took the entire audience by surprise, judging by the reaction. And the simpler story worked well into their genre in any case. These guys continue to show their talents in all aspects of filmmaking and again they were my favourite of the heat.

Very entertaining film. Genuinely surprised it was up for best editing at the nationals though as felt that was the area of the film that held it back from potentially challenging for the top gong. Just my 2c.

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I really like the idea of this - as mentioned above the concept of innocent child play going really wrong in an adult setting is terrifying. I think this would have made a excellent horror if played straight but alas...Splatstick, so you didn't have too many options around that. So, as a film I liked everything about it - well shot, edited, acted, funny and executed as a whole. As an Ultra film it raised a few questions for me. Is the dad a main character? Do we see enough of the little girl for the film to really be her story? She seems to pop up from time-to-time but we see a lot from the experiences of others. I've certainly seen worse "Ultra Greyness" this year and it's not a criticism of this team or their film - just an observation :) Nice work and one of only a handful of films from this year that I'd watch more than once.

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Intense, great concept! Well done all! Made me laugh and squirm like the good splatstick that it was :)

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