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I am ball 2

by Frauleins, oh frauleins 107 views


Nice movie!! Enjoyed it!!

Default Avatar koroh the geek

Ballsy move. I remember "I am Ball" the first time. What a great follow up. Much like the forgotten tennis ball you find in the long grass when mowing it and you go, oh sh*t that's right! Great to see Ball survived their journeys overall, but only to be thrown out again by some child that doesn't understand Balls history and relevance to the world! Oh well, maybe to found later in the "trilogy" and then who knows what. Thought a couple of battle scars would have looked cool, or at least an order of merit medal or similar for services to the world and betterment to all mankind. Loved it!

Hilarious, even better than the first I AM BALL. I voted this for my audience favourite, loved the use of cut-out style animation mixed in with live action moments, and possibly the best smash cut I've seen this year yet.

Default Avatar Richard Martin

Confession: I haven't seen the original I Am Ball The mix of art styles was great here! Hilarious use of the elements, both from this year and 2014. This was one of the only Ultras that made we want to seek out the original, so good job!

Default Avatar George Calway

I really enjoyed this one. The concept and use of the scream was good.

I, too, would like an 'I am Ball' trilogy. I'm really big on the use of cut-out animation here. It's both simple and classy and it kind of made me wish the whole film kept to that look. It's also good to hear the Wilhelm Scream used in its best, most basic form. I do, however, feel like this film is trying to test me. It's going to make me feel stupid to say this, but this series could reach its apex if you made me feel more for the ball. Understand the ball. Define the ball. ...yes, make a ball a more rounded character.

A sequel with the most simple of central characters, her self-hood declared in the title, a . . . ball. Who dreams of adventures beyond the highrise windowsill where she's been left. Short and sweet, making full use of an adorable small child actor (nice shot from the balls point of view under the sofa). I would have loved to have seen more of the cutout puppets, as the transition from those to the live action was maybe a little jarring. But a perfectly worthy 48hours effort!

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