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Default Avatar 山 武

I remember your film from last year as being a well-crafted story that got a strong audience reaction. I think you dropped the ball this year, maybe due to the genre. Don't get me wrong, role-playing could have worked, but the shots were blocked awkwardly and I had a hard time hearing the dialogue. There was a lot of potential in this film due to the strong characters but it just needed more time and consideration. Overall, the film ending as though it were a trailer left me cold.

Default Avatar RamblingScot

Good effort in the single location genre guys. It's a shame your sound wasn't up to scratch as I suspect the audience missed out on some of the nuances of the quirky dialogue. Your split screen finale was a highlight!

The plot and dialogue were the main issues with this film; the dialogue was a little hard to hear which may have left some clever jokes lost. It was disappointing to realise the plot wasn't going to expand outside the tabletop game. Even though it was a one-room movie, more could have been attempted. The montage was the best part with some nice editing techniques used. Overall had potential and I look forward to seeing what this team achieves next time.

Some clearly defined characters and sharp editing skills, but the story didn't quite find a lift off point, and therefore, no landing or closure.

As a fellow DnD player in a past lifetime I think I get what you were trying to achieve which was the fact that the game is about being taken off to other worlds whilst being located within one room. However the playing party each making different choices about what to do such as an intelligence test or search for traps missed the mark a bit by failing to produce any clear narrative arc. The montage at the end showed promise that it might lead onto something more engaging but then the film ended without having really got started. Whilst this was a difficult genre it was also supposed to be mapped up with any one of the other 14 genres and had you done so I think you would have had a better starting point.

Default Avatar Movie Potato

There were some lovely moments of interesting lighting... but this movie made absolutely no sense. If you get one-location, the first step would be to devise a brilliant location. Sound obviously was a major issue, too.

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