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by Jump Cut 382 views


Default Avatar Adam Pomeroy

A clever little idea, with a neat twist, well produced, to the point, good little flick

Default Avatar bigbulge

Definitely appreciated the big bulge.

Default Avatar biggerbulge

Dat bulge tho

Nicely done, didn't exactly telegraph the ending but it was pretty clear once the sound effect sleep track was shown. Enjoyed the acting, slightly shaky camera and focus at times but nothing major. good sound & editing, not too heavy handed. Nice superhero costume made up out normal home items (every home has nunchucks, right?). Enjoyed the gratuitous use of bread. My only real criticism might be that since the antagonist was not an actual character, wasn't even an actual mosquito, and therefore had no intention of playing the 'mouse', it doesn't quite fit the cat and mouse genre.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Pretty solid film with a pretty solid concept, music was pretty cheesy and didn't really fit the picture but it worked quite well and the end was nice, simple and good too.

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