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Default Avatar XVW_BC

I duno man... There was some super cool scripting here, and seeing him wield those ‘meatballs’ was pretty unsettling. But there wasn't really anything to write home about here. I earnestly can’t remember what the outcome of the main character drugging his two friends was, or what the significance of his prisoner in the other room could be, other than ‘this guy is twisted/evil and stuff’. Lighting was pretty av. I just duno man… P.S.The flatmate was really into it tho; as in this was his FAVOURITE FILM OF THE ENTIRE HEAT: so all is not lost. He is currently AWOL but I will try and get him to make an account, I am very interested to hear/read his thoughts!

This film was crisp in terms of production value (although girlfriend didnt quite grasp the subtelty). Reveal that the people who are "missing" from the initial newspaper estab are in fact murdered victims of the creepy, narcisstic (very patrick bateman) protaganist who delusionally enjoys high tea / dinner with them. I had to cover my daughters eyes during the reveal as the static cuts made an impact. Im not sure whether the differences in exposure were due to the narrative tone and to differentiate between life and death but i would like to watch this a few more times to understand

Default Avatar devlinoj

Very strange and unsettling film which made sense in a dream-like Lynchian tonal way, but not in any other way, at least on first watch. Clever move starting happy and then flipping the whole thing on its head. I was genuinely quite sickened by that reveal, so good work there. There were interesting hints of the history and pathology of the host in the "happy" half, perhaps on second watch these may become clearer. If the dialogue centered around the facts of the three character's history together a bit more the story could have had a better chance. I was very interested by this film, but I wish I could have connected to it more. Instead I just put it in the "weird" basket.

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