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by Pastafarian Productions 178 views


Default Avatar IMCO

Best team intro by far. They handled the horror genre well with good use of camera, sound and lighting. Noticed one continuity error - lead actor moved away from mirror but the next shot was of his alter-ego in the mirror and you could still see the back of the actors head. Apart from that I thought this film was a strong contender.

Default Avatar Filmbeast

I really enjoyed this film. Great camera work with good pacing. Good acting especially with the mirror scene. Would like to see more films from this team in the future.

Default Avatar ShortFilmBuff

Was a fairly good little film but one thing went wrong that should have had it disqualified - I know it may sound harsh but MANY teams have been disqualified in the past for getting this wrong.... They got the compulsory line wrong!!!! It had to be exactly: "Not with that your not" and they had "Not with that you won't" it is one line and the rules make it very clear that it MUST be EXACT.

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