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Tight Package

by Domino 430 views


Default Avatar MR MKB

One morning, a stoner wakes up to find a ticking package on his doorstep, addressed to his shady car salesman flatmate Morgan Foster. This one was a really nicely produced short! Both actors in this film were really great in their roles, playing to the skittish stoner/shady salesmen roles very well. In particular the lighting and sound design were great, and I really loved the subtle score throughout (I believe it was original?). I thought it was clever of them to include a ticking noise throughout certain parts of the score, it really took the short to the next level. The only thing about this short that I thought could've been better was the editing and pacing. The editing wasn't quite sharp or urgent enough for the situation, and I felt the pace began to lag a little in the middle. Considering the genre was "Race Against the Clock", it might have helped to have some sort of deadline as to when time was going to run out. All in all though, an impressive short that really nailed the genre, with a satisfying ending.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A guy wakes up from a night on the couch to find a package for his flatmate on the doorstep. Only problem is: it's ticking! Domino have been competing for a few years now and as usual have produced a quality short. It's nicely shot, sounds good and the music is great. Shaky-cam is used to good effect when it's time to create a bit of panic and everything seems nicely controlled. The acting is great and again shows what can be achieved with a small cast, if the story is good. I did feel that it was slightly drawn out, but the ending saved it. I loved that ending! Nice job once more, Domino. You got my audience vote!

Definitely enjoyed this short film. Had a strong story and did the genre well. The editing and pacing could have been tighter and made the race against the clock a bit more urgent but nevertheless it was a polished film with great cinematography and cool effects at the end.

I liked this one. Loved the use of the prop. Good thinking! Loved the ending that was good. I do agree the pacing wasnt as hectic as it should have been.

Some of what I enjoyed: Lots of cool macro shots. Loved the throwing of the curtain across the window. Good job by both of the leads. Great back-and-forth bit with the package. Excellent ending and tying everything back together. Probably the best script so far. This was a very fun and entertaining short. Great work.

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