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10 Reviews


Bearly: A Revenge Movie

I found this one a little strange. Main character was annoying and irritable which worked well with the story. The torture scene really made me cringe as it felt really real! Good work with that. Was well shot and put together. Nice job

An idea is born

Ummmmm... What was going on in this one? I was confused from the get go. I feel this was a bit cheap and just didnt flow what so ever. Had a few funny moments where the audience laughed, not sure if that was actual funny, or laughing at the piece. What was up with the goat?

The Lovatory

Nice one this one. I felt the start drag out too long. I also didnt feel it was very rom-commy Overall was well put together

Tight Package

I liked this one. Loved the use of the prop. Good thinking! Loved the ending that was good. I do agree the pacing wasnt as hectic as it should have been.

The Shirt

I really loved this one. Awesome concept and nice to see an animated one. I do feel that the shock ending wasnt a shock at all. Apart from that is was awesome and funny.


Throughout most of the short I was sitting there asking my self 'where is the time travel'. I wasn't really sure what was happening for the most part. Audio seemed really out towards the end. I loved all the effects, esp with the jumping through time (when it finally happened)