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Default Avatar MR MKB

In Continuum, a man having financial troubles is hired by Morgan Foster over a poker match to complete certain tasks and jobs for him for payment. While the lead acting in this film were solid, the editing and rough audio are what let this short film down for me. The first half of the film was a bit hard to follow, and seemed a bit repetitive. It got to the point where I actually started thinking that each scene was an alternate reality, or a jump backwards/forwards in time! The last half of the film, from when Morgan Foster joins the poker match, was much stronger though. I feel The Dark Circle should have started the story off at this point, and maybe found a more economical way of portraying the lead character's financial struggles. Some good use of varying locations here, and the characters in the final scene were very entertaining.

Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro

This film looked like it was fun to make. Sweet time travel effects, and cool muzzle flashes. Also loved the constant dropping of the F-bomb, totally adds to the comedic gold. One of my favourites of the heat.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Our lead finds himself in financial difficulty and as things go, gets himself into further trouble when he loses at poker. In 2013, The Dark Circle made the CHCH finals with their very dark and very clever film, "Stop 32" - so the question was, could they follow it up? Well, there were good performances, some clever effects - especially the blood splatter- and at times some of the camerawork matched what they'd achieved last year. The audio, however, was often hard to hear and the repetitive nature of a lot of the scenes made things rather confusing. For a time-travel film, there really wasn't a great deal of emphasis on the genre at all. However, when we finally got to the time-travel the audience enjoyed the over the top, comical action on screen.

The effects were great definitely polished but the film had quite a few audio issues and I could not follow the plot at all. Did not appreciate the constant use of homophobic slurs either. Very classless and bogan. Good effort on the effects though.

Throughout most of the short I was sitting there asking my self 'where is the time travel'. I wasn't really sure what was happening for the most part. Audio seemed really out towards the end. I loved all the effects, esp with the jumping through time (when it finally happened)

Some of what I enjoyed: Sweet effect of the guy exploding at the beginning. Nice camera work. Another film around cards/drinking/tomfoolery? Am I getting you guys confused with Les Cousins Dangeroux? The car dying while going into gear was a funny touch, and even better if scripted. Loved the sonic t-shirt. The gun with the bookie was a nice subtle (imo) touch. Great VFX during the robbery. Everyone looked like they had fun. lol @ the Time Police. Credits???? It just ended...

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